February 28

Welcome to the tracks of a wanderer

So begins this journey of a thousand steps, or in reality a blend of tire tracks, footprints, and paw prints!


13 dec 2013 004 Signal Mountain, Az.

There are travelers and there are wanderers, I fall into both categories, I think. But what of an explorer?

My wandering began when I was about 3 years old. I had a pedal tractor and on more than one occasion I strayed from home and down the sidewalk and around the corners searching for what was down the road. Often the postman discovered the runaway, grab me and put the tractor in the back of his 3 wheel delivery truck and took me home.

DSC_0025-cropSister and me and the tractor


Other times a neighbor would call my mother and mention that they saw me go by and Mom would drop everything to go find me.



I also took up photography around age 3. I suppose wandering and shooting photos fit together. Unfortunately I think those first images are lost.


Then when I grew up and became proficient on a bicycle my world expanded. I wandered down the Chicago lakefront and a few times went up to the Illinois and Wisconsin border.

With 4 wheels I’ve crossed the country more than a few time in my truck, often living and sleeping in back.

13 dec 2013 044The 4 paws, a.k.a. Geordie


Now begins my plan as a full time RVer. I’ll call “home” a Casita trailer. Small enough to seek those out-of-the-way spots, but it feels like a hotel compared to tents and pick-up beds.

I have plenty to do trying to unload the accumulations of an old life and hope the real estate gods grant me a quick getaway. Then the journey will begin and I can search for more of those peaceful, beautiful nooks.

As for this blog, my plan is to publish new posts on Fridays with occasional posts at other times.

Thank you for stopping by.





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  1. By Mick on

    Nice Blog Robert. To comment I clicked “Welcome to the tracks of a wanderer” on the right side and the comment space opened at the bottom. I know the Ill. lake coast having spent two winters at Great Lakes Naval Training Center.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      Hi Mick,
      Lake Michigan has some beautiful areas, and you can’t beat a sunrise over the lake.
      Thanks for finding the comment box. I’m a total newby at blogging and been trying to figure out where I went wrong.

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