March 24


Regarding last week’s post, I’ve seen my first day with a 50 degree swing in temperature. I woke to 40º then it reached a high of 90º. Glad I’m gone!

You know when things just seem meant-to-be. Well, those stars and planets aligned. Tuesday afternoon, I received a call from Mike at Thunder RV. He stated that there was a 17k sitting on the lot with my name on it!

The next day I dropped the Casita off and was on the road, knowing I was picking up my new trailer. Tuesday afternoon, next week, I’ll be hitching up!

The last shot
The last shot

I was flipping through my Kindle last week, and came across some books I’d read as I thought about full-timing. I thought one or more might be useful to those looking into full-timing. Not everyone wants to full-time. I may part-time sometime in the future. Either way, I found it’s nice to learn about it all and skip the mistakes. I think everyone still makes some mistakes, but it was nice having a couple of reference books to see where I went wrong.

I’ll try and give you a brief synopsis of each book. I haven’t read them in a while, so if I miss something I apologize.

Live Your Road Trip Dream By Phil and Carol White

This book is a “year in the life of RV traveling.” This is how the authors planned a year long trip.

Living Aboard Your RV by Janet Groene and Gordon Greene

This is an all encompassing RV book. Everything you need to know about getting on the road.

The RVer’s Bible: Everything you need to know about choosing, using, and enjoying your RV by Kim Baker & Sunny Baker

The title says it all. It’s a bit dated, being published in 1997.

The Complete Book of Boondock RVing; Camping off the beaten path by Bill and Jan Moeller

This is a good start in learning about boondocking, sometimes called dispersed camping or primitive camping.

Managing 12 Volts: How to Upgrade, Operate, and Troubleshoot a 12 Volt Electrical Systems by Harold Barre

Here is a great book for learning about your power systems. This one helped me set up my solar system.

The Mobile Internet Handbook  2016 4th Release written by Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard of Technomadia with guest author Jack Mayer

Technomadia, AKA Chris and Cherie are real tech geeks [compliment], that know their stuff about getting online and setting up a cell phone and internet systems. To me this is a “must have” book. It’s a bit deep into tech, but they build up your confidence to understand each part of the system.

Travel Tales…An Old Retiree, His RV, His Dog, and His Woman (not necessarily in order of preference) Hit The Road by Ken Halloran

Here is a fun book. It’s a funny memoir of life on the road. Watch out you may laugh out loud!

There were other books I read from the local library. One I found at an RV park and it had a questionnaire to see if you’d make a good full-time RVer. One question I remembered. It went something like this;

Would you rather drive 100 miles out of your way, than drive through Los Angeles, Ca?   True or  False

I’d drive 500 miles out of my way to eliminate driving through L.A. I’ve done it with a trailer and without. I’d still like to have that time back!

Here are a few photos taken in Valley of Fire State Park.

A long road into the park is well worth it
A long road into the park is well worth it




See you next week with two days under my tires with a new trailer.

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  1. By SisteronTractor on

    Great news on your new trailer! The third photo looks like a bear stretching and yawning on top of a large rock or a giant squat bunny.
    Written in Waterloo Station
    Love, Nancy

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