March 21

Busy, busy…

West of Mule Mountains
West of Mule Mountains

It’s been a whirlwind week.

I was able to get the master bedroom walls all painted. There were a few days I had to take a break. It’s tough to go back to back days rolling a ceiling. My neck and back were sore for 3 days.

On the painting breaks, I was looking for places to donate furniture. Not easy in a small town without many options.

Then there were more trips to the landfill and recycling center.

Black Lake, Wi
Black Lake, Wi

I was thinking of what to write this week and one thing came to me. It’s about the way some of us pick camps.

I am similar to more than a few RVers, I prefer to camp out away from the crowds. If I come to a campground, I’ll be the guy that is out on the edges or the empty areas. It’s not that I’m anti-social, I just like the quiet and space. I’m not a big fan of generators buzzing until 11 o’clock or all night. I’m also not a fan of the new RV units with the slide-out big screen TV in the side storage area. They get the chairs all set up like a theater and everyone and their neighbor can listen to the game and the screaming.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to the game. I’ll have the radio facing my chair, but only just loud enough for me to hear. I don’t want to be that guy with the blaring radio.

Another subset of RVers like to go to rallies or get-togethers. I may try one, but it really isn’t me. I’m an introvert, and we don’t go in for big crowds.

Southwest of the Cargo Muchacho Mts.
My rig in the center-left, southwest of the Cargo Muchacho Mts. That’s elbow room!

I just thought, with the number of bloggers, how many are introverts? This is an easy way for us to interact. It’s on our own time and also allows us time to form our thoughts.

It took me awhile to figure out my introversion. I look back to times when I was younger and I see the traits of introversion. I used to come home from school and often shut myself in my room and listened to music. Later, I had a roommate that couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to go out to the bars after a day of talking to customers. I was spent on chit-chat with people. Those were decompression times from the busy days.

So, next time you see a camper or RV out of range of the others, it may not be the anti-social loner but the introvert that will wave and say “Hello” when you walk by.

If you know of an introvert, there is a couple of books on my carousel. It might shed some light on why they behave the way they do.

PLEASE, don’t think I’m pushing anything on my Amazon carousel. They’re just a few things that I have found interesting.

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