July 14

Nash 17K Review

This will be a four month review of living in the Nash 17K.

First of all is the ride. Driving with a trailer that has suspension is a real dream. It doesn’t knock you around if you hit a big bump. Because of the suspension, inside is the big change. I bought those 3M Command hooks, the ones you can stretch the plastic tab to release it. I hung up two kitchen towels, and not once have they fallen down. No holes in them or rubber bands around them!

Storage is just right. The back dinette benches have a lot of space for books and other gear. The storage in the cabinets above the bed are great for more books and clothes. I have Geordie’s stuff in the little cubbies at the end of the bed. Food storage is great. The cabinet beside the fridge can hold a month or more of food.

Photo by Northwood
Photo by Northwood

I think the 6 cubic foot refrigerator is the only way to go for long stays. Having the freezer is a great way to keep extra perishable foods like breads and meats or seafoods.

Outside, the pass-through compartment is great for the camp chairs, tables, water hose, chocks, and levelers. There is a side, rear compartment that can be for a generator. I only have a few things inside there.

Back inside, of course the great thing is the back window. I measured it and it’s three feet high and five feet wide. While I try and face the back to the East for the early morning sun, sometimes you just have to point it to the best view.

Mount Elbert
Mount Elbert

The kitchen really does have great counter space. I often use the six inches in front of the sink to make sandwiches. It’s the perfect space. The right side is good for a drain rack for dishes.

Photo by Northwood
Photo by Northwood

While I know one person who doesn’t use the oven, I do. It’s great for pizzas and the few frozen dinners I’ve eaten. I’d like to bake bread, but it’s too small, and I rather not use the propane for an hour.

I really appreciate the “dry bath.” In many RVs, a shower in the bathroom means the whole room is a shower, so  everything gets wet. That means you have to remove things from the bathroom you don’t want soaked. The Nash has a separate shower from the rest of the bathroom. Nothing needs to be moved!

Photo by Northwood
Photo by Northwood

Comfort is the key to this trailer. I thing a couple would find this the perfect size. This solo traveler also  finds it just right. If there was a third person, that would be the only time you’d need to assemble or disassemble the dinette/bed combo. Nothing else needs to be converted.

The Nash has a 50 gallon fresh water tank. I’ve often fill it to just over 1/3 and it seems to take me two to three weeks to empty it. I’ve never filled it for the weight factor. I don’t want to drive over the Continental Divide with a full tank! I really could stay out for a month or more with a full tank of water.

Setting up the trailer is as easy as any other trailer. Level side to side, pull it off the hitch and level front to back. Drop the stabilizers, then turn on the propane and the refrigerator and your done.  Oh yeah, lift the shades to your view!

What would I change?

I would like Northwood to offer a better mattress. The “camper’s mattress” looks great at the start but the mattress is a lot of fluff. I have two body size divots and they don’t spring back.

I’m contemplating one of the new foam mattresses, but the cheapest is $600.00. I’ve slept on a futon for most of my adult life and may look at those again for the Nash.

My other pet-peeve is the cabinet knobs. While I like the strength of the latch system, pulling on the knobs and getting my fingers stuck and pinched is a rude awakening in the morning.

The customizing it did.

I’m glad I added the two extra “charging centers” (two USB ports and one 12 volt outlet). One is in the small night table, the other on the front face of the dinette bench.

One thing another Nash owner did was add a propane line for a ventless heater. I’m going to add a Camco Wave 6 heater. I found a blog that talks about how to install a line for one.


As you can tell, I’m very happy I upgraded to the Nash.

RVers are interesting folks. I’ve read blogs where some folks have started very large then went very small and finally found the right size. Then others find the right size and trade in every five to seven years.

As for me I went small, and it was great on the short trips. When I went to full-time, I needed a little bit bigger and more rugged. This will be my trailer for years to come.

Some folks are fine with campgrounds. Others want full hook-up RV parks. Then some, like myself, want farther out camps. RVing can be anything you want it to be.

This is an early post because I know I’ll be without internet for a few days.

Thanks for reading and using my Amazon link.


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