Destinations and making photographs

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I knew it was only a matter of time, but moving things on Wed. I strained my back. I went out flat on the bed the rest of the day.

With the time, I thought of the travel plans I devised in the past. I’ve always thought it would be nice to spend a month or two in each state and Canadian province. I think sometimes just “hanging” is the best way to get to know a place, get the “vibe.”

The other plans are the sites I’d like to see. I read on another blog that she was planning on going to Nova Scotia this summer. Having been there, I put NS on my favorite places list.  It is certainly on my return list.

In Washington state I’d like to see Mt. St. Helens. There is also a Naval Air museum on Whidbey Island I’d like to see. I’ve heard they have a PBY Catalina, the aircraft my father flew in WW2. My greatest desire is to take a ride in a PBY.

PBY Catalina at the San Diego Air and Space Museum
PBY Catalina at the San Diego Air and Space Museum

I’ve read that there is an operational PBY in Miami, Fl. Fingers crossed I meet up with the pilot.

It’s just so hard to see all the great sights, but I’m going to try. But it isn’t just about seeing the highlights, it’s about living a life on the road. I’ve always been a slow and methodical type and I figure that’s how I’ll see the sights. I’ll be the one seeing Gettysburg in late April, so I can experience the grounds without the crowds. I’ve come to discover that in the early spring, park rangers are fresh and ready to talk with ease to an interested audience.

I also spent Wed. eve engrossed in a film on, that brought back a load of memories. The film was a Swedish production called “Everlasting Moments.” Set in 1907, a mother takes up photography. It brought me back to those years I spent in darkrooms and behind a viewfinder in photography classes. The film reminded me of the preciousness of a photograph. Those days I was making photos on film, seemed precious. It also could have been the costs involved in developing and printing. I shot a lot less film than my other classmates, much to my instructors bitter reprimands. They wanted at least 3 rolls of 36 shots a week, for each class. I think I was a bit more deliberate in my shots, much like a view camera photographer would be. When I took up the view camera I felt in my rightful place. Ansel Adams held out for the right sun angle or the cloud passing over, then click that shutter. Edward Weston posed his models with the light he wanted, then framed the image.

Here we are today with digital photography and the phone camera. Think, 25 years from now, what the comments will be on the “selfie”? Everyone and they’re brother will have an arms length, weird looking portrait.

Here I am in the digital age and I still am making deliberate photographs. I’ll never change.

My tips for better photographs, are to have a fore, middle, and background. It’s always the foreground that most people miss. A tree branch or rock in a landscape shot.



Also on family shots with a background that’s important, bring the people up close. Nothing is worse than the kids far off in the background.

Action portraits tell a story. Don’t get me wrong, formal portraits can be fantastic.

Don’t forget that Black and White photos can be dramatic.

Deadheading  Flowers
Helping Mom Deadheading Flowers
Helping Mom
Helping Mom


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