March 17


One thing I can’t say for this campground is its quiet.

Not that there are throngs of people with radios blaring, but because of two things.

One, it’s on the flight path to the airport. The first few times I only saw small planes fly out. Later this week there sounded like military planes coming in about nine at night right over head.

The second reason is the dam. I put some photos up last week, but I didn’t notice that there was a lock. Every time a barge comes up or down the river a siren or air horn sounds. I haven’t figured out when one or the other sounds what the meaning pertains to. “Here I am”, “The lock doors closed” or some such thing.

I wanted to take a photo of barges in the lock, but the walls are too high.

I have noticed while on the bridge over the lock, that two barges fit side by side and also two in length inside the lock.

Again, since I can only see from the bridge, I think there is only one lock.

Ear plugs are a necessity at night. Barges come up or down at any time so that means the sirens or horns sound even in the night.

Conway is a pretty big town of about 60 thousand, and I took a drive into the old town center. There is a lot of activity downtown. Restaurants, banks, shops, etc. The one big problem I see is the traffic. Traffic pours through downtown as a way to get from one side of town to the other. There is a big shopping area to the east of town and two colleges on the west side. The other problem is parking. Roads are narrow and I saw one guy back in and out of a spot four times to get in.

I wish I had more to write and photographs. It’s hard to get excited to shoot pictures with the grey cloud cover. When is spring coming with its bright sunny days?

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