March 24


I’m so glad I made it up to Springfield, Mo ahead of this storm. I even left a day early from Toad Suck Campground wanting to get settled beforehand.

I arrived here on Thursday with sunny skies. I took a drive, after setting up, and went to the Camping World to buy some MaxxAir roof vent covers. This will allow me to keep the roof vents open even in rain or while driving. With summer coming this will be welcome.

The vent covers also protect the vent lids. I only wished I had them last fall when the hail broke that bathroom vent lid back at Leesburg Dam SP in New Mexico.

I’m camped at a KOA campground just west of the vet I need to take Geordie to next Tuesday.

I’m able to receive some TV stations and this rain is serious rain. Its due to leave up to two and a half inches of rain. It started about three this afternoon and hasn’t let up. It’s moving slow and should clear about 2 AM tomorrow, but there could be a rebuilding of rain tomorrow.

Glad I have a canoe…just in case!

When I came into the campground I saw a Casita. I remembered the summer storms two years ago and getting stuck inside with the Illinois River at flood stage for two days.

Once again I’m glad that the Nash has a bit more room and I realized it was a year ago last April when I picked it up.

I made an overnight stop in Harrison, Ar Wednesday and the campground host asked about the Nash. He’s seen a few trailers owning a campground, but never a Nash. He and his wife are thinking of something smaller for them and he liked the size.

I was glad to move on from Toad Suck CG. It turns out that the local schools were on spring break. One family set up two tents next to me. There were a few small kids and when I went out with Geordie before bed there was only one tent. Later I heard the siren on the lock and later a couple of car doors shut. In the morning I found no tents. It’s scary camping out the first few times as a kid. Worse for dad when you have sirens and horns keeping the kids up.

That’s about all I have today.

Thanks for following my travels.


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  1. By SisteronTractor on

    Can’t believe it’s been a year since you picked up the Nash! Glad you found some quiet as well as tv reception during the rain.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      I was even able to watch a hockey game!
      I guess it was the end of next month is a year on the trailer. Not that is matters. It’s been a great move for me and the Geo.

  2. By a on

    I couldn’t find an email for you, so I’ll just post a few questions here. I’m going to be purchasing a TT shortly and plan on using it for extended trips (1-3 months). If I really enjoy the lifestyle, I suppose I would then consider full-timing. I originally thought about something very small (casita, scamp, lance 1475, r-pod), but given that I’ll still be working, I think a little more space would go a long way for my sanity when I’m stuck inside (like you’ve mentioned on a few occasions). My questions relate to your experience with a larger trailer since I plan on traveling similarly to you (dispersed camping / boondocking).

    1) The length, width, and height of the Nash are substantially greater than the casita. Any problems getting where you want to go given the size difference (I’m thinking about logging and access roads)? If so, worth the trade off, or regrets?

    2) Did you consider any alternatives to the Nash? If so what really was your deciding factor? I’m heavily considering the Winnebago Micro Minnie 1705rd and Nash 17K. The Winnie is slightly shorter, narrower and lower. Goes to my question above.

    3) Do you feel the new Tundra is overkill for the Nash or about right? I think spec wise a Tacoma would do the job, but the towing experience might not be as nice.

    I recently found your blog and read pretty much the entire thing over the last few days. Much has been very helpful to me, I appreciate all the information. Your thoughts on above would be greatly appreciated.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      and thanks for reading. I’m impressed you’ve read my whole blog in a few days. You can probably tell me how many times I’ve repeated myself!
      The Nash was a big change from the Casita. I’ve taken the Nash down some secondary forest roads with no trouble. Some tertiary roads have a lot of ruts that you can get high centered on. I do have a few scratches on the trailer, but that’s part of finding a great spot. I took the Casita on some rough roads too, but the Nash has an off-road chassis and was designed to go on rough roads. I don’t find the width a deterrent to most roads I want to travel.
      The other factor is the Nash is a 4 season trailer. No worries for freezing lines or tanks. The Casitas are always a worry with the tanks on the open bottom of the trailer.
      You might remember I follow Sebastian over at “Simple Living and Simple Travel.” He was a Casita owner then switched to the Nash. He and I have a similar camping styles. He got his Nash a couple of years before I did and I took his reviews into consideration. I looked at the Nash too and found it was more to my liking as well. I did look at the Outdoor RV Blackrock trailers but the Nash has a better floor plan.
      I looked up the Micro Minnie. It’s identical to the Nash’s floor plan.
      As far as trucks, I wouldn’t consider the Tacoma’s 6 cylinder up to the mountainous driving I like to do. On the Northwood Owners Forum, they debate the Ford 150 for the Nash 17k. Most think they’d like a 250. But one guy does drive a Ford 150 in Oregon and finds it works for him. Some don’t think the Tundra up to the task, but I’ve never found it lacking in power.
      To sum up my thoughts. It was the off-road chassis and 4 season with heated tanks that won me over.
      Hope this helped and good luck on the decision. If you have any more questions, feel free.
      Thanks, Rob

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