March 31

Rain, Rain, and the Wish for Sun

Geordie’s vet appointment in Springfield went really well. She said that Geordie’s eyes look great, and I can ease off on the steroid medication over the next two weeks. Hoorah! I know Geordie will be happy to only one med twice a day.

Spring Flowers. Anyone know the name?

Unfortunately, I never got to the Civil War Battle site, Wilson Creek, south of Springfield with all the rain. From what I read it was the first civil war battle west of the Mississippi River, and where the first Union General died in the Civil War, but the Confederates won this battle.

I did take a wander around the Bass Pro Shop in town. It’s a Big store. I picked up some fly tying material I’ve been needing for a while. Almost bought a motor boat to tow in back of the Nash. No, not really. I like the fact that having a canoe eliminates the cost of licensing a trailer and the gas for the outboard. Luckily I came out without damaging the credit card. I think Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and REI are stores are where I could really wear out a credit card fast, if not for some good will power!

That tug boat at the locks at Toad Suck

I almost stayed an extra day or two in Springfield because of more rain and possible tornados forming. But each day I looked at the weather, it was backing off on the rain until later in the day. So I made a break and took a two hour drive east.

I spent two nights in Van Buren, Mo. The weather backed off again into light rain with no severe  warnings.

Totem at the Big Spring RV camp in Van Buren, Mo

Now you find me in Kentucky and right on the Mississippi at Columbus-Belmont State Park. It too is a Civil War battle site. There was a Confederate fort here on the bluff on the Mississippi. A perfect vantage point to view any Union troops coming down river. The first battle ever fought for Ulysses S. Grant was right here.

I’ve passed a couple of canoeing rivers in Arkansas and Missouri. The Buffalo National River in Arkansas is just south of the Ozarks. I saw a few canoe outfitters on the road north. In Van Buren Missouri I was camped next to the Current River, the main river of the Ozark National  Scenic Riverways. Might be fun to come back and paddle down one sometime.

Current River looks like a nice place to launch a canoe

It’s been fun seeing new territory this winter and spring. I know I’m leaving the “south,” as I’m not hearing the southern “twang” anymore. But maybe more ahead, as I’m heading further into Kentucky.

I’ll be making my way to Louisville next week and visiting with a cousin of mine. The plan is to visit and take in the Louisville Slugger factory tour, and take the tour of Churchill Downs. I’m looking forward to both and seeing two of my cousin’s daughters, one I haven’t seen in decades.

I’ll take next week off. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

Thanks, as always, for following my tracks across the country.


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  1. By BadgerRick on

    Great to hear that Georodie is doing so well. You a good dog dad and give him a great life. No clue on the flowers however. Sorry.

    Love the part of the country your traveling through. I did a one day canoe trip on the Buffalo many, many years ago. I remember it as flat water and drifting along some really cool cliffs. I think you’d like it.

    Rain and grey here as well. Spring is coming slowly but for now it’s kind of the mud season. The dog made a huge mess of the back of the car last weekend and didn’t seem to feel the least bit guilty. Go figure. As always thanks for letting me ride along even if I don’t comment. Hard to believe it’s been over a year since you picked up the Nash. Glad you’re still loving it.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      Hey Rick,
      I hated “mud season” in Colorado. It lasted months, it seemed like. Paw towels were at both doors to wipe Geo and my other dogs.
      I have one of those slings for the backseat of the truck for Geo. Works great and all I have to do is un clip it and shake it out or hose it down. May work with your pup.
      Always appreciate you riding along.

  2. By BadgerRick on

    I’ve seen those slings and I bet they work great. My problem is she is just a little Rat Terrier / Chihuahua (Like RVSue’s Spike) and she insists on riding in the front seat. So I try to towel off the big stuff and put her in the back but within a mile she has jumped all over the back of the car and is up front in her “throne”. Ah, gotta love em’. Enjoy your visit with family.

  3. By SisteronTractor on

    Good news for Geordie! The Louisville Slugger factory tour and Churchill Downs are not to be missed!

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