April 21

The Love Tunnel


That title is a mash-up of the Natural Tunnels State Park in Virginia. It’s a nice little state park with numerous trails, with most interconnected. From the campground you can take Lovers Leap Trail down to an overlook (Lovers Leap) into the canyon. Unfortunately you can’t see the tunnels from there, you must head down the trail to the chair lift area and then go down that trail. The chair lift wasn’t in service when I was there but the trail down was a well needed stretch of the legs. The return trip was a good thigh building exercise.

Easter Flowers

I really liked the campground. There were two loops and the newer was Lovers Leap. It had a nice bath house and it also had a laundry area with two washers and dryers. Having the laundry was very helpful, as the town of Duffield didn’t look very tourist oriented.

From Natural Tunnels SP I drove over to Claytor Lake State Park. It also had an extensive trail system. While it rained most days, Geordie and I had no trouble adding steps to my Fitbit in-between showers.

Water carved wall
The railroad took advantage of the natural tunnel

Today I’m at the KOA in Charlottesville, Va. More rain is due this weekend, and I thought there would be a break on Monday when I have my ticket in will-call for Monticello. That’s also the day Geordie goes into doggie daycare. It turns out that it’s supposed to be a 100% day of rain.

I’ve always wanted to visit Thomas Jefferson’s home. He was an experimentalist in many areas. Mostly my interests are in his gardens. Jefferson brought back many fruit trees and other specimens from his travels to Europe to test on his property. Some made it some didn’t.

Geordie looks have changed as he is now wearing Rex Specs goggles. The vet in Springfield, Mo. suggested Rex Specs to me. I tried the other goggles on Geordie way back when he was first diagnosed with Pannus in Calif. He hated them and at every opportunity tried to paw or rub them off. These goggles are so much better with a larger viewing area for him. Still, on day one he tried rubbing them off on my leg, but by day three he was fine with them and even while sitting outside without my supervision. Still, every once in a while he tries to rub them off on my leg.

Hollywood Geordie

Had a rough morning getting ready to leave Claytor Lake SP. I found a screw in one of my trailer tires. Luckily I found a repair shop on the road out, before the interstate, and he swapped tires and fixed the flat one. I guess it’s not allowed to plug a trailer tire, but he did for safety.

I’ve been thinking of swapping out these tires anyway. The standard tire used on many RVs are Goodyear Marathons. These tires have a well know track record of blow-outs and tread delamination. My tires are two years old this May. Most trailer tires should be changed every three to four years. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Big-O Tire in Charlottesville, so I’ll have to pray I can get to one soon. I obviously want a national company for warrantee repairs if something goes wrong. The other reason for getting new tires now is, I’d rather have them in Canada this summer than buying them up there.

That’s about it this week. Sometimes repairs are just a bump in the road to ones plans.

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