May 5

Oh Baby

Met up with my niece and met my first great niece. This is one cute baby!


I got to spend some time with her and play musical toys. One of her toys plays classical music, so we banged on cups, shook a rattle, and made the popcorn machine pop.

Interested in Geordie at dinner time
Oh those eyes!

Of course she’s in a “clingy mama” stage, but she was fine with just me for about 45 mins.

My niece told me that when I visit Mount Vernon, Geordie could go. On Wednesday I took him over and wandered the grounds. With his new Rex Specs goggles we were mobbed by a lot of high school girls wanting to pet him, and also lots of questions about the goggles. While it was fun, it did get old fast. Geordie was on his best behavior.

Geordie at George’s place

On the plus side, one woman asked about them and told me her dog has Pannus. I told her and her friend that Geordie has it and that was the reason for the goggles. Her friend looked up Rex Specs on her phone, and the woman thanked me for the information. In the end, the distraction with all the girls was worth it to help another dog with Pannus.

Wednesday night Caedyn stayed home with dad, while my niece and I went off to the ballgame. I’ve now seen a new baseball park. It was a good game too, close score, Nationals 2, Diamondbacks 1.

Tonight I’m taking them out to dinner and I have more time with Caedyn today.

It rained like nobody’s business last night and this morning. I saw flood warnings online.

I’m here through the weekend then off to the North.

That’s about all I’ve got this week.

Until next week,


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