May 12

Tours and Tires

I had a great time visiting my niece and her husband.

They took me to old town Alexandria and showed me around. I saw George Washington’s place and the pub he drank at. We ate outside at great restaurant, Virtue Feed and Grain. I had Barbacoa Tacos, they were so good I could have eaten three more. I highly recommend it, if you’re in the area.

My niece is a complete soccer nut, and we went to see the Washington Spirit women’s soccer team on Saturday night. I was fun to sit on the hillside and watch a good game. Spirit beat the New Jersey Skyblue 4-3.

A very nice series of outdoor rooms

On Sunday, we took the little one, my great niece, to lunch at a fantastic pizza place called Two Amys. It’s been awarded it a D.O.C. as authentic Neapolitan pizza. I had a classic Margherita with mozzarella di bufala.

Afterwards, we met up with her husband and toured some of the monuments around D.C. It was a perfect day, sunny and in the 60’s.

Each of the gold stars represent 100 servicemen killed in WWII

On Monday I finally got my trailer tires replaced. Tires are one of those much debated items with RVers. When I had the Casita they also came with Goodyear Marathons on them. I learned about the Maxxis tire line back then. Marathons are the tire on many RVs. I think manufacturers give little thought to there actual quality.

I found this couple at the WWII Memorial and it seemed like they were ghosts.

The Maxxis tires have had a good reputation for quite a few years. When I searched for tires I found that Goodyear has a new tire that is made in the US and is supposed to be good, but they’re more expensive than the Maxxis.

Korean War Memorial
I found these etchings in marble at the Korean Memorial a bit spooky

I took off after the new Maxxis tires were put on feeling confident, and headed towards Harrisburg, Pa.

On Wednesday, I decided to put in some miles only to get stuck in construction zones twice. I was supposed to have a travel time of three hours twenty minutes, it turned into five and a half hours long. I, unfortunately, had made a reservation at Promised Land State Park in northeastern Penn. so I had to get there, rather than stop along the way.

Coming full circle with Thomas Jefferson

Well, that’s the last time I attempt a three to four hour day. I’m fine with only two to three hours on the road, which is what I did today. I’m now in Copake, N.Y. near the Massachusetts and Connecticut border.

I’m here through the weekend with rain coming tomorrow.

On a bad note, I can’t make a reservation at Acadia National Park. It looks to be full already.

Thanks for following my vagabond life.


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