May 20

First Time Ever

I really enjoyed the three day stop over in Littleton, Ma. Just down the road was one of those lifetime goals I had to see. I finally made it to Walden Pond where Henry David Thoreau lived for two years. It was back in high school when I read “Walden” and I wanted to see the area where it all took place for years.

I remembered reading, back in 1990, this area was under the gun for development, and with the help of musicians and locals saved it from disappearing. Don Henley of the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, and Bonnie Raitt held concerts to raise money.

There is a very nice new visitor building and down the path a replica of the house Thoreau built. I happened to be there when an reenactor was there as Henry David. He was there for a school group. We talked about the building and the missing parts such as the closet/wardrobe.

Cabin replica with a statue of Henry David Thoreau. He was a bit taller than the statue at 5’7″

When I looked at it, I compared the size to the Nash. It’s obviously smaller, having no stove, sink, bathroom, or dinette. Thoreau’s house was probably the first “tiny house” at 150 square feet.

Across the street is Walden Pond and I took a walk around the lake. I was very surprised to find the water crystal clear. Locals fish the lake and many walkers take to the trails. I walked in reverence to this influential man. It’s a bigger lake than I assumed. I thought it would be about a five to ten acre pond, but it measures to 61 acres, and to me that’s lake size.

Walden Pond. I’d be fine living near this pond/lake!

Leaving Littleton on Thursday, I crossed the border into Maine for the first time ever. I haven’t really seen the ocean yet, but plan to next week. I’m just east of Brunswick, Me on a long arm of land. I can’t say I picked the prettiest campground, but it was handy. The bonus is they have tanks of lobster and will cook them up for your dinner. I’ve been tempted, but I’m using my will power and waiting for Nova Scotia lobster and scallops.

I did take a trip over to Freeport and to L.L. Bean since I was in the area. I exchanged a shirt I bought a month back. I again held my hand at bay from those little plastic bits in my wallet.

A high school friend of mine went to college in Waterville and I remember her telling stories of late celebratory nights ending up on a drive over to L.L. Bean to play around, since it is open 24 hours.

What do I think about Maine so far? My first day was in the 90’s and broke a record high. There sure are a lot of trees around here!

Tomorrow I’m off to the Bar Harbor area near Acadia National Park. I found a campground on Campendium that doesn’t take reservations and I’m hopeful it has a spot for me. They also don’t take credit cards. I figure being a Sunday and the week before Memorial Day weekend, I have a good chance of a site.

I called my bank and credit card companies this week to inform them of my trip to Canada. Next to set up my Verizon Jetpack and let them know as well.

One glitch for being in Canada next week is my vehicle registration. I received my renewal from Americas Mailbox while in Littleton, Ma and sent a money order the next day. I hope to learn it’s in my box next Tuesday and have it overnighted by Thursday. Fingers crossed.

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