June 23

Summer on the Island

Over the last weekend, I spent three nights near Truro. It rained one of those days. One day I wandered Truro and found Dalhousie University.

I can’t say much about this town. It is just a town. I did find a dog park on Sunday and took the Geordie over and he had a blast with the other dogs. I attempted to keep him out of the pond, but alas he’s a water dog.

On Monday I headed northeast and found myself on the island. Cape Breton to be more accurate. I found I went through one of the sides of the Bermuda Triangle. The weather changed to a sweltering 75% humidity and 85º! What the heck? It’s supposed to be cool up this far north. Well, I guess I’ll work on my Cape Breton tan!

Spooked this Ruffed Grouse

I found a campsite at Glenview Campground in Whycocomagh. This was an “ok” place  to stay, for doing a couple of day trips.

I did find a “must-go-to” shop in Whycocomagh. If you’re coming this way, stop at the “Farmer’s Daughter.” You’ll be able to pick up on a whole lot of dinner items. I found tubs of soups and I picked up a fish chowder. They also had shepherds pie, and lasagnes in the frozen foods case. Most would serve three to four. There were fresh baked breads and pies. Cookies! Oh the cookies! Great place to fill the freezer, for suppers to come as you venture further into Cape Breton.

On Tuesday I went to Baddeck and my all-time-favorite museum. (I was here in 1992) The Alexander Graham Bell Museum is one of those museums where you learn things, even as an adult. Pa Bell was more than the inventor of the telephone.  After the telephone was created all sorts of items came out of his mind. Bell bought property across the bay from Baddeck, because it reminded him of Scotland. It is still owned by the family. He came up here to invent in peace. He was part of a team that made the Silver Dart the first airplane to fly in Canada. He designed ailerons for that plane. He took what he knew from flight and saw a use of those wings for boats to fly on water with a hydrofoil design and often tested them in the bay. He set a world speed record with hydrofoil boat, HD-4.

Replica of HD-4 hydrofoil boat.

Bell made a metal detector. It was something he’d learned from the electricity from his telephone. He tested it by finding the bullets still in Civil War Vets, but when he used it on President Garfield after he was shot, he failed.

Bell was one of the founders of the National Geographic Society.

Sculpture of the Silver Dart, the first plane to fly in Canada

One thing I’ll note. I was extremely impressed with the museum back in 1992, this time, not so much. I think they’ve shrunk the exhibits down. Still, no matter what the museum left out, this was a brilliant man.

Cape Breton is also home to The Gaelic College near St Ann’s. The college started with the premise of saving of Celtic culture. Some of the courses you can take are in music, gaelic language, dance, and the arts, such as weaving.

Classes are for kids, adults, and families. For more information https://gaeliccollege.edu/study-with-us/

Since this is “New Scotland”, you’ll also notice that some of the signs are in gaelic.

If you know some Celtic music, you may have heard of fiddler Natalie McMaster. She is a Cape Breton born and bred and comes from musical family. She has taught fiddle classes at Gaelic College in the past.

I left Whycocomagh and now I’m near the end of the island. I’m near the town of Dingwall in a great campground. Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market is near the end of Shore Road. The views are spectacular. As in their name, they sell oysters in the campground along with lobsters. You can eat in or take them back to camp. I had lobster last night for dinner.

Besides campsites there are cabins and this lighthouse to stay in at Hideaway.
With this view, I wouldn’t mind a stay in the lighthouse too.
Down on the beach.

Driving further down Shore Road get’s choked off but you can find parking on the grass sides. Walk a little further down the road finds you at a picturesque beach. No hoards of people down there. I took Geordie down last evening and we had the place to ourselves. The water dog knew what we came for, no directions needed.

Crazy, happy dog prints

Long post so I’ll sign off.



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  1. By SisteronTractor on

    I “visited” the towns you mentioned by looking at photos via Google maps. All very pretty in the warm months. Even found a photo of The Farmer’s Daughter. Love your Ode to Cookies 🙂

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      There may be a bonus post in the next few days. Haven’t decided.
      Cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, “butter, with extra chocolate chips.” Never bad to have butter and extra chocolate!

  2. By BadgerRick on

    What a great post. First off I love the shot of the grouse. That light is just perfect and truly captures his spirit.

    I had to laugh at the comment about the frozen food section however. I bet that’s a lot easier to make use of with the Nash than that tiny 1/2 fridge in the Casita.

    Also you mentioned Natalie MacMaster who is one of my ATF’s. I”ve seen her live 3 times and she puts on the most amazing show. If you know her music imagine that plus she is step dancing the whole time as she is playing. Incredible.

    Curious if you have looked into boondocking possibilities in Canada. Is that more a Western Canada thing like in the U.S.? Or maybe with 75% humidity and 29 degree heat (come on man you’re in Canada 🙂 ) you just want to be sure you have AC. Can’t say I blame you.

    Happy to hear that Geordie seems to be doing well. Is he still wearing his goggles? I guess I wasn’t sure if that was a permanent thing. As always thanks for the update.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      We spooked the grouse on the way down to the beach. I was able to take about 6 shots, he just hung-out on that perch.
      Ha…my 16′ Casita didn’t have any kind or size of freezer! The Nash is holding scallops, bread, fruit, fish chowder,…..!
      I have seen Natalie MacMaster (see correct spelling?) but only on TV. Great fiddler(ist?) She has play at Telluride Bluegrass and the Folk Fest. in Pagosa Springs. I’m not a concert goer, too crowded for me.
      I’d love to boondock, but in the east its pretty much Walmart asphalt. There is just not enough open public lands. Have you ever tried to boondock in the Wisconsin Northwoods? Yes, I’m also a humidity wimp having lived in the west for so long. My Chicago tolerance is long gone. I need A/C!
      I know I should learn the lingo of metric but the fahrenheit/celsius conversion is hard. I do know 29C is hot. I’m an Amerikan, we don’t do metric. Oh, can I get a 750ml of wine!
      I try my best with Geordie’s goggles. Yes, they are along term use, the UV rays can exacerbate this condition. He still fights them though.
      Rick, hope your summer is going well. Have a happy 4th. I’ll be celebrating the 150th Canada Day tomorrow.

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