Sunrise Trail to New Brunswick

Uncategorized / Friday, July 7th, 2017

The area on the Northside of Nova Scotia, where it links with New Brunswick, is called the Sunrise Trail. This area also looks north to Prince Edward Island (PEI). The towns have fantastic names. Pugwash, Tatamagouche, Tidnish, Antigonish, and where I stayed Pictou. Just saying those names is fun.

Pictou is famous for the harbor where ships carrying Scottish families seeking a new life dropped them in the new land. A ship by the name of The Hector was the first ship that carried the Scots and brought them to Pictou.

Back in 1992, I learned of The Hector and I found that the historians were building a new Hector ship by the same methods used back when the original was built. It was completed some years ago and is moored in the bay. There is a museum on the Hector Quay that describes the voyage for those Scots and what they found in their new home.

Pictou is also the place to catch the ferry to PEI. It was once the only way to get to PEI until they built the Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and PEI.

I’m sure many of my female readers or parents know of PEI from the Anne of Green Gables books. I went up to PEI my last trip here and searched out the area where the stories were set. Why would a guy head up there? I have a niece that was completely obsessed with Anne. She even looked a bit like her. (Yes, I was happily subjected to the show) I came to photograph the area and I even picked up a straw hat for my niece. From those photographs, I made her a poster combining them in a frame.

I didn’t go up this trip, but if you ever head that way the PEI National Park has a spectacular seashore and is the place to camp. Miles of beaches line the North shore. Sea breezes and gentle waves will settle into your bones and your memories of a hectic life will fade away.

It rained most days I was in Pictou and the one it didn’t I went up to Outer Caribou Island without my camera. From there I could see the ferry and a slim PEI to the North.

Canada Day was subdued with the rain, except for the folks in the campground that lit a few fireworks. They were a bit loud for Geordie and he hid under the table. Thankfully they only lasted about ten minutes. I heard a few other dogs bark, annoyed by the loud noise in the campground.

I’ve now nearly traveled the length of New Brunswick. I’m in the far Northwest corner for the next few days. I’m camped just south of Edmundston. I’m nearly a stones-throw from the US border and almost into Quebec. I arrived just in time for the first round of showers over the next three days, lucky me!

Prior, I camped near Fredericton. It’s a change not to have the sea within sight. Up here it’s just trees and more trees.

I don’t have any photos this post. My computer keeps telling me its “full!” I bought a new hard drive to back-up my photos so I should be able to upload photos next week. You didn’t want to see the boring endless forest anyway!

Thanks for flying around Canada with me.


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