A Second Foreign Country

Uncategorized / Friday, July 14th, 2017

All of a sudden I’m surrounded by french speakers. I say, “Hello” and they say, “Bon jour.”

No signs have english just french, and I guess what is meant.

This is the point my sister is yelling, “You should learn french,” but how often would I use it out in the woods of Oregon?

So, as you might have guessed, I’m in Québec, Canada. All of it is a culture shock. I find the grocery stores have huge selections of fromage (cheese) from all over the world.

I stayed three days near the town of Montmagny on the southside of the St Lawrence Seaway. On Tuesday I took a drive south towards Québec City. I wanted to take some photos but the cloud cover was horrible. In the evening I checked the weather and we were under a “squall watch,” a first for me. The radar had a line of storms heading south. It was all for nothing. A few showers and a couple of claps of thunder, no big deal. I was hoping for a good old fashion “gully washer.”

I’ve mentioned before that all the parks I’ve been in, have seasonal sites. I’ve been thinking about it and I’m looking differently at it. This is just like their place in the woods or the resort they go to year after year.

Many of us in the states like to travel around and see new places, but some have cabins on the lake, or others have the timeshare in Key West. Canadians go to the campground to their RV.

The campground lots at Montmagny were well manicured. Lots of lawn ornaments, fireplaces or pits, and flowers. Many also have a room built onto the side of their RV and lots have porches or patios. They visit with other folks or have dinner out. This campground even had a petanque league.

So, at first I thought it strange to park an RV nearly permanently, but there is also something nice about weekends and summers at the campground.

I came across a funny town name just as I came into Quebec from New Brunswick. Saint Louis du Ha! Ha!, Qc. I kid you not. It’s the only town on the planet with two exclamation points in its title!! According to Atlas Obscure the double ha-ha is a french word meaning unexpected obstacle or path ending. The obstacle is a lake for St. Louis du Ha! Ha!

So next time your at an obstacle you can call out “We’re at a ha-ha.”

Yesterday I drove a long day, for me, down to Waterloo, Qc. I’m just west of the area called Sud Stukley where my twice great-grandfather moved from Massachusetts. My great-grandfather was born there. Then the whole family moved to Iowa.

Again I’m without photos today. Nothing these days jumps out to me. Next week, I promise.

Lastly, a shout out to my brother on his birthday, and another to my sister for her birthday just two days ago.

Thanks for following.


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