More Family Ties

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I found more family ties.

Paul Holland Knowlton

There is a town in Quebec that was named after a distant cousin. The Lac Brome area is made up of seven villages and one is Knowlton. The Honorable Paul Holland Knowlton came to Canada from Vermont.  My fifth great grandfather, Decon Ezekiel, had a brother, Luke, that married a Sarah Holland. I don’t have all the information at hand but Paul Holland Knowlton is related.


My fourth great grandfather Ezekiel had ten children. The youngest five move to Canada. My third great grandfather, Asaph, lived north of the town of Knowlton in So. Stukely (Stukely Sud). They lived long enough in So. Stukely to have a few children then moved to Iowa.

P.H. Knowlton House
Big Timber

The Brome County museum in Knowlton, Qc is very extensive. Paul Holland Knowlton’s home was moved from what is now the golf course and was restored to the original log home. The timber size is impressive for a log home. The town had a children’s home where orphans and street kids from England were sent and families took them in. Some were adopted by their host families. Many had rough lives in the homes and others ran away. The children were often put on farms so the kids had to do farm work. The museum had a half dozen or more biographies of the children. Some of the boys went into the military in WWI. Which brings me to the military room of the museum. The prize exhibit is the Fokker DVII biplane from WWI. It is one of less than a handful of Fokkers with the original fabric covering. For more information

My Own Pub Has Good Fish and Chips
Another Bar

I spent a couple of nights near Peterborough, On. I’ve wanted to go to the Canadian Canoe Museum since I found the museum book in the Durango, Co Library. It is an impressive collection. They cover the kayaks of the arctic to the dugout canoes of the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the birchbark canoes from the interior to the east coast, and also the elm bark canoe. There was also a replica of a Hudson’s Bay outpost. Any one need “Hudson’s Bay Blended Scotch”?

I’ve moved on to the west side of Toronto. This post is late is because my computer was infected with mallware. I received a notice that my Adobe flash player was out of date, I pressed update and all of a sudden I got about three programs added to my computer. One was a windows search page, I work on a Mac. Such a pain this last week. I found an Apple store southwest of Toronto. I went down the day I got to camp and found the store packed. I managed to get an appointment an hour and 20 minutes later. I walked the mall. I went back in only to find it was going to be about another 45 minutes. Nothing to do but wait. I  waited longer than it took to fix my computer. Either way I’m back to normal.

By the way, in Canada, the mall is far from dying out. The parking lot was full and there were lots folks walking with bags.

Looks like an nice “Auberge”

I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame yesterday in Toronto. It was a longer drive in than expected. Once there I saw the jersey’s of some of my favorite players, Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita from the Chicago Blackhawks and Sidney Crosby’s from the Pittsburg Penguins. To top it off, the Stanley Cup was on display. The folks in line for picutes were putting their hands on the cup, and if you’ve ever seen the last few games and the cup, there is a minder of the cup and he wears white gloves. I learned there are three Stanley Cups. The one in the hall is a copy.

Going into the city also reminded me why I don’t visit cities often. They are very loud and congested with people and traffic.

Our History

I’m also going to head back to the states. I’ve started to get a bit claustrophobic living in RV parks. I need a good state park or forest campground with lots of trees in between!

Thanks for coming along on my Canadian adventure.


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    1. You’d really like it there, and they speak french! I didn’t mention this, but there is a wine route and about 6 wineries. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Knowlton label, otherwise I’d have picked up a case for presents.
      If you see Kelly, tell her I saw some sculls and there maybe a race crew on the lake.
      Oh yes, the lake is right there and it’s really big and beautiful. The houses reminded me of the Winnetka and Lake Bluff.

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