The Old Country

Uncategorized / Friday, July 28th, 2017

I drove through the border again, and this time I learned I had to declare the fruits, veg, and meat I had on board.

The guard sent me to another lane and I went inside for the agriculture inspector. He took the keys and checked the trailer. Less than ten minutes later I was on the road.

I spent one night in Lapeer, Mich. and now I’m up in West Branch, Mi.

On the way up, I took a second to comprehend a gas sign and the price of $2.34. I had to remember the US sells gallons and it wasn’t the liter price.

I found a really nice RV park in West Branch. Loranger Pines RV Park has wonderful red pine trees with lots of space between sites. There is a train track next to it but the train only comes through about two to three times a day. Otherwise it’s a quiet park.

Regarding my last post and the city noise. I found an article that might be of interest on the effects of noise and health.

Also on the topic of noise. Many RVers find using ear plugs in parks helps when they find loud neighbors. I often use them. The KOA near Toronto was right next to the highway and I used ear plugs at night to sleep. Also the white noise of the A/C can help.

I can’t wait to find some quiet boondock camps and move back to the wide open spaces of the West!

I took Geordie over to East Tawas  this morning, and we walked around. I let him swim in Lake Huron for the first time. He’s stacking up the lakes and oceans on his swim chart.

Haven’t really taken any photos just yet. I’ve just been on the move so much. Besides, Michigan red pines don’t make for interesting shots.

That’s about it for this week.


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