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Uncategorized / Saturday, August 12th, 2017

It was Caedyn’s and Geordie’s birthday yesterday.

Who’s Caedyn? She is my great niece and she’s turning one.

Geordie is now five.

I’ve now moved into the Central Time Zone and into Wisconsin.

I think Wisconsin is the only place I’ve ever seen “Dinner/Supper Clubs.” You don’t have to join to go. Maybe in the past, they were restaurants with a big band and dance floor. On a Wikipedia page on Supper Clubs, they seem to come from the days of the Speakeasies and the Prohibition. Al Capone did have a hideout up here in Wisconsin. It would also figure that a Wisconsinite opened the first Supper Club in Beverly Hills.

Another thing you see are “Taverns,” not bars or pubs. I think taverns are a Midwest name. There were taverns where I grew up in Chicago.

I had been staying in Diamond Lake RV Park near Marinette, but now I’m in a Forest Service campground on Boulder Lake near Mountain, Wi.

I was having trouble calling out at Diamond Lake to get a new camp. Also, my emails seem to land on “deaf ears.”

One major thing to note about camping in a Forest Service campground in the woods, solar panels need sun to charge batteries. I was lucky to find a not overly heavy canopy overhead. Another negative is cloud cover. Yesterday was a solid grey cover and any electric use may not be recovered by the limited solar gain.

Today, I think we’ll have sunshine but Sunday cloudy again.

I’m also limited in cell coverage, so this post will be without photos because of the long download times.

I heard from the Diamond Lake Park owner that this summer was an especially wet summer. He mentioned about 30 inches in one month. I’m sure those in the West would love to have a summer with 30 inches, but maybe not in one month.

Hopefully today I can find a spot for Geordie to get out to swim in Boulder Lake. He wasn’t allowed to swim in the last lake.

Until next week, thanks for following my travels.



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  1. Hey, I know Boulder lake. Actually one of the nicer USFS campgrounds in that neck of the woods. But they call ’em da North Woods for a reason. Almost all the sites will be tucked into the pines.

    It’s so funny that you notice supper clubs and taverns. Yes, very much a Wisconsin thing. The supper clubs I think were more to attract tourists back in the 30’s and 40’s. But now it’s pretty much locals. If you really want to fit in be sure to order a brandy Manhattan and ask about the Packers. 🙂

    Hopefully the sun will come out for you this week but the park owner was right it’s been a really wet summer. I’ve been out camping 4 times this year and haven’t had a totally dry trip yet.

    Happy Birthday Gordy!!!! Such a good boy. If you guys end up heading down through Madison this week please feel free to send me an E-mail. I would love to buy you a drink and show you some sites. If not I understand, just a thought. As always thanks for letting me tag along.

    1. Yes, Boulder Lake is a very nice CG. It was very busy on the lake with jet skis and boats of all kinds. Site 62 was really nice for a non elect. Water close by and one neighbor a good distance away.
      I forgot about the love of brandy up here. Isn’t brandy and milk/cream a big thing too?
      And, once again it rains up here. I’m near Rhinelander.
      It’s here that I’m getting ready to head west, where open lands equal elbow room. I think I’ve been in campgrounds since late fall until now.
      Rick, thanks for the offer of a drink, I’m heading to Minneapolis to meet with an old HS friend I haven’t seen in years. Have a brandy alexander for me!
      Always a pleasure to have you following the tracks.

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