August 18


It snuck up on me again, Friday.

I spent a few days in Rhinelander, Wi last week, and I can honestly say it was the worst campground. It may have been nice about 50 years ago but now it’s just old and tired. The roads were very narrow, with trees edging the road. Not good for RVs! I was actually surprised to see large Class As in the park.

Gladstone, Michigan. I believe this is a lifeguard bench at the little swim beach.

I got the tightest site possible. I had the electrical box just twelve inches to one side and just three feet on the other tree trunks. Then I find the electric was 50 amps only. Luckily I had gotten a step down plug while up in Canada, because a few campgrounds had only 50 amps and, again luckily, they lent me a step down plug. I bought one on the odd chance I got stuck, and I did.

I left on Wednesday for Hixton, Wi and the KOA. I was having trouble finding the next campground to line up, because all the camps were booked. I’m guessing that with summer winding up everyone is getting their last camping in before school starts. I found my KOA book and it was just the right distance and not far from the Twin Cities, where I’m headed next to visit a friend from high school. They had more than a few sites available.

To contrast the camp in Rhinelander, this KOA has to be the most beautiful campground I’ve ever been in. I believe it must have been an old farm, as there are some old apple trees. The driveway in is lined with rounded yew bushes. The grounds are rolling with many large beds covered in all kinds of flowers. There are two sections with sites up the hills from the main campsites. Of course for a KOA there is a pool, but also a bounce cushion out in the yard. It looks like fun but I’m going to skip it!

The small lighthouse at the small harbor, Gladstone, Mi

As with any stay these days, its rained for more than a few days, which makes it hard to take photos. I’m also remembering my days in Chicago and the overcast skies and the horrible light for photography. So, I’ve been uninspired to shoot much at all.

I did find some photos I’d taken back up in Gladstone, Mi. I hope these will satisfy for visual content.

And the contrast of Gladstone lighthouse

This next week, the 22nd, I will come to my “Knomad Anniversary” of three years on the road. There is still much to see, and I look forward to new camps in the coming year.

Thank you all for following, I appreciate it.


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  1. By jimmyk on

    No bouncing, really? The kids always loved the KOA bounce cushions. Next time I want a picture of Rob bouncing!!

    1. By SisteronTractor on

      I want to bounce! Rhinelander rings a bell. Did we go there as kids? Or maybe my summer camp went there to watch a water ski show.

      1. By RLK (Post author) on

        I think the kids popped the bounce cushion yesterday! It was flat this morning and I thought I heard a blower fan yesterday.
        We went to Hayward but I think the Schwartz’s went there.
        I don’t remember where your camp was.

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