Westward Trail

Uncategorized / Friday, September 1st, 2017

I’m liking moving west, especially turning back the clock with every time zone. I’m making up for last years loss.

Here it is, the last big hurrah of summer campers and nomad freedom just days away. It should be easy to drop into a campground without reservations next week, and it may be that I have the place to myself. Freedom and space around me has been sorely missed, which I’m sure I’ve written more than a few times over the last month or so.

You are finding me just south of Rapid City, S. D. It’s hot here and a surprise for me this late in the season. But I’m in the West and it’s a “dry hot” no humidity to speak of. Upper 90’s are due!

Being close to a tourist mecca, I’ve had to find an RV park, I hope for the last time in a few years. Of all things it’s a KOA down near Hot Springs, SD. With the heat, the A/C will be going full blast.

This weekend is also the Sturgis Mustang Rally. All kinds, years, and tricked-out Ford Mustangs are banding together. I have no doubt that I’ll see a few over the weekend. I may even take a drive up that way and see a few.

My stay in Yankton was nice. I’m beginning to like Pierson Ranch State Park. There is a paved hike and bike path and lots of places to dip you feet in the Missouri River.

From there I spent a night along the interstate in Presho, S. D. There is a nice easy place to camp there. Not a well maintained campground, but water and electric was all I needed.

I stayed at my mail forwarding company on Wednesday and Thursday. Americas Mailbox has put in a campground and also has a few rooms you can stay in. I also was able to pick up some mail with no shipping costs.

I’ve been driving the interstate the last couple of weeks. It’s been a while and I’m getting off them today. Billboards were all up and down the highway. Of course the famous Wall Drug with 5 cent coffee. A few boasted that the Black Hills had 8 zillion rooms in 500 million hotels, ok, maybe an exaggeration. Safari parks, the 1880’s town that the New York Times wrote about, and more. In some ways it broke up the endless grasslands, though I think I’d rather do without them. One nice sight was the acres of sunflowers. I’m sure they are for oil or maybe bird seed, but the yellow against the hazy sky and dry grasslands made me smile.

This weekend I plan to head to Custer State Park and drive around. Custer has a herd of bison and they roam the park. Often they are grazing right off the road. Easy to get in a few shots of the most magnificent beast of the plains. And as you may remember, Dances with Wolves was shot here in South Dakota where the Tatonka lived in huge herds.

Thanks for driving the interstates and back roads with me.


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  1. Glad to hear you are moving West. You may be too far South, but Linda and I really enjoyed Theodore Roosevelt NP in North Dakota – very remote with few visitors, and bison everywhere.

    1. I thought about that, but as it is, there is a lot of smoke apparently coming in from Canada. It’s pretty smokey here and it’s 93º today and getting hotter tomorrow.
      I do need to get Geordie’s eye checked again so I’m heading to Salt Lake.
      Maybe over the next couple of years I’ll get up that way.

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