September 8

Mountain Ranges and Elevation

I left Hot Springs, SD on the 5th and I’ve been venturing westward through Wyoming.

South Dakota Skies

I spent the night in an odd park near Wheatland then hopped on I-25. Rather than heading south to Cheyenne I cut over on Wy 34. What a fun drive as opposed to the interstate. I climbed hills and passes, I saw one pass at over seven thousand feet. That’s near the elevation I lived at in the old house.

I took the old Lincoln Highway 30/287. This was the original road but when the interstate came through the planners moved the road south. I read somewhere that that stretch of I-80 is the worst possible route for winter time travel. Big winds and white-outs occur often.

I stopped for a night at another KOA. I’m getting tired of those signs, but  I was able to do some much needed laundry, but didn’t sleep well since it way right on the interstate.

To contrast that KOA, I’m now at Flaming Gorge and Buckboard Crossing Campground just south of Green River, Wy. It’s silent but for the birds. I thought it was open through the next weekend but it closes this Sunday.

I’ll probably find a boondock for a couple of days. I’m due in Utah and a campground east of Salt Lake City on the 12th. I’ve got an appointment for Geordie, to check his eyes down near Ogden. He’s on a bi-annual check-up routine.

“Where the deer and the antelope (Pronghorn) play…”

I knew I was in the open plains of the West when I saw a long freight train in the wide expanse of dry grasslands. It looked like some of the photos I grew up with, long trains and even longer views.

I’ve also noticed that my skin is now dry. With humidities in the single digits and the hard water it makes your skin leather-like. I must pick up some suntan lotion for both for holding in moisture and the high altitude UV rays.

Big Bison

Last night was pure bliss. Not a sound could be heard and I had the windows open to the cool air to fill the trailer. How nice it is to wake to Geordie ringing his bell alerting me he wants to go out and the temps in the mid 50’s.

You may be wondering about the smoke from all the fires. Most of the days I’ve been on the road since Rapid City, there is a constant haze in the air. Nothing but a good clearing rain could clear the air. Some days you can smell the smokiness, others just the softening of the landscape is the only indicator.

Wyoming Moon

Wishing luck to both those in the fires and those ready for the hurricane down in Florida and beyond.

Thanks for coming along,


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