September 22


Today begins the first day of fall on this equinox. The fading light begins.

Strawberry Reservoir clouds

I suppose I am also equalizing. Up at Strawberry Reservoir there was rain and freezing overnight temperatures. Now I’m boondocked near the Utah and Colorado borders and it’s been windy, sunny, and temperatures in the 40’s to 80’s. I arrived to brisk winds of 25 mph, a bit much for me in the dry high desert. Even Geordie wanted to stay inside!

“Here comes the sun,..” over Strawberry hills! (It just couldn’t be helped)

I’m near the canyon of Bitter Creek which, when flowing, empties into the Colorado. Unfortunately I can’t see the mighty Colorado from camp. When I head over next week to Grand Junction I’ll see how the river is flowing this fall.

This spot is not too far from the interstate but far enough not to hear it, even at night. A bonus is I can look to the East and see a cell tower and I have four bars of internet signal. Also my solar panel has unobstructed skies to keep the batteries full of ‘juice.’

Looking into Colorado

I woke up to neighbors just 50 feet away, on Wednesday morning, not exactly proper boondocking etiquette. I also saw one truck camper at another campsite near the edge of the canyon. He was a good distance away. Those near me were mountain bikers. There is a trail at the rim of the canyon. From what I’ve found, it looks to be the Zion Curtain Trail. I think below in the canyon is the Kokopeli Trail. It runs from about the Fruita, Co area all the way to Moab, Ut, and is about 150 miles.

I washed the front half of the roof on Tuesday. It’s the only area the new solar panel will fit. Now the roof will be clean underneath and I won’t have to worry about it. I’ll do the other half sometime later.

With the wind at bay, I could hear the interstate after all. Still, it wasn’t too bad, since the views all around were spectacular.

This mornings clouds look threatening

Geordie and I took a walk on Wednesday to see what other campsites there were. I found at least three more good sites. As we walked the smell of sagebrush was in the air. It is a familiar scent to me having live in the high desert for so many years. The sage and the smell of Juniper is a smell of the desert southwest.

Thursday we walked early to look for other campsites. I’d seen on the weather report warnings for high winds. They’ve been high most afternoons and I have to say there is fine dust is everywhere. If I close the windows too tight we’ll bake in the trailer. Nothing to do but suffer the dust until the wind subsides. There is a 40% chance of rain this weekend, that should keep the dust down.

I think I need to vacuum the whole trailer this winter. I’m thinking if I put a big vacuum hose around one of the roof vents and open one window, I could do it in one big slurp! Maybe not.




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