September 29

Solar Install

The past week was pure joy. To boondock for a full week was just what I needed.

Geordie and I walked some of the trails and some of the roads. Some days we just sat.

There was a rain which worried me. I thought it might be a gully washer, but it was only enough to dampen the ground. Had it been worse, it may have made it difficult to get out with the adobe clay soil soaked.

Oh boy, this looks like big trouble.

The stars, the quiet, and the nature was very peaceful, after a very long stint of RV parks.

Then it was back to a park for a couple of nights in Fruita, Co.

At the RV park, I was parked next to a very nice woman from Tennessee. She had a ten year old Golden. She and I talked about some of the places she and her husband had been. I offered a few spots to go when they headed to Utah and a few other spots in Colorado.

The storm beyond us looks beautiful

I’ve been thinking about where to go after I get the panel on. I want to check out the solar install and see if everything it working. I may go back to the same spot in Utah for a couple of days, then, I’m off to the Moab area and south for the month of October

It was nice to stock up on groceries while I was in the Grand Junction area. I also got a few things at Home Depot. I knew the only place would be Moab’s City Market until I got down to Flagstaff, Az. I also got all my laundry done, so I’m ready to hit the road and backroads for a good while.

I did find a dog park in Grand Junction, so Geordie got to run around and meet the locals.

I left the RV park and decided to hang out in the Rabbit Valley area on Thursday, before “camping” at the RV shop. Its at exit 2 as you head east into Colorado. It’s another area to camp but from what I’ve seen online and while I was here it gets pretty crowded with mountain bikers and motorcyclists. That told me my original plan to go back to Bitter Creek Canyon is my best bet.

The desert’s life-blood, water holes

The night in the lot of the RV service shop was less than restful. There was another RV there, a 5th wheel, little did I know that the owner would also spend the night. The problem was his generator was on all night. Well, not all night. It stopped at one point and I heard him drive off, then at two AM he arrived and the generator started up again the rest of the night. Even with earplugs it was a rumbling nightmare.

On the plus side the Nash was in the shop for all of three hours, then I got the call it was ready.

I’d taken Geordie to the dog park again during that time and I also went out to breakfast. Right across the parking lot was a Cabela’s so I had a wander about. Geordie got a third stint at the dog park and I did a few errands, then got the call.

I now have 220 watts in solar and two new 6 volt batteries, which will double the amp hours I can use. That means no skimping on electric at night and worrying about starting the heater in the morning.

One panel, two panel, makes life better

I took the short trip back to Bitter Canyon overlook and I’ll see how everything works and take off for Moab, Ut probably on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for keeping track of my travels, even with the loss of sleep, it’s a great way to live.



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