Rain and Red Rocks

Uncategorized / Friday, October 6th, 2017

As you remember, I took the trailer back to the 227 exit in Utah overlooking Bitter Creek Canyon. Well, it rained Saturday night and into Sunday. I took a walk down the road to the interstate and there were a few soggy spots. Then I saw the weather, Monday was going to rain, off and on all day. No getting out for me then for another day. I even saw a few heavy snow flakes come down on Monday.

Low clouds in Bitter Creek Canyon

The good thing about Monday, with all the rain and cloud cover, was seeing that the panels  charge up the batteries to full. I even charged the computer and had the heat on for a portion of the day. Had it just been the single panel I would have been conserving all day. So for me, the system has checked out, “A O.K.”!

Sunshine came on Tuesday and enough to dry out the roads enough to get out. There was still a bit of slipping and sliding, but with the four wheel drive, I made it out.

Moab was hustling and bustling at nine AM and there were long lines in both lanes to get into Arches National Park.

Clean windows

I quickly got gas and drove south and I found a nice quiet spot off of Needles Overlook Road (See my review on Campendium). I have three bars on the Verizon Jetpack and plenty of walking possibilities, so I’m happy.

I’m even more happy about the weather forecast for the next ten days, almost all of them sunny with no rain forecast. Granted, it’s staying cold again at night, but nothing to worry about with plenty of propane and battery power for the heat to be on in the morning.

La Sal Mountains
Alpen glow

The views are spectacular and I even washed all three windows in back, inside and out. The La Sal Mountains are to the East and the Abajo Mountains to the South.

I’ll take an afternoon to go to the Needles Lookout to see about photo opportunities into Canyonlands National Park.

Moon rise

I took a drive on Thursday morning just to see other possible camps. There is Wind Whistle Campground with 17 sites with some reservable, and farther back is on a dirt road is Hatch Point Campground with 10 sites. Both campgrounds do not have water.

There was just enough soil for this Juniper to grow

On the drive a coyote ran across the road. By the looks of him, there is plenty of food for his kind.

Last nights full moon was beautiful, and this morning’s moon was just as nice.

I’ll stay here for another ten days or so then move south.



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