October 13

Spooky 13


I took the drive to the Needles Overlook last Friday. I have to say it is a sight. What I also found were other campsites, some near the rim overlooking the park. I thought about moving, maybe mid-stay, but then I realized that I may not have a cell/internet signal, and I liked the spot I’m already in.

On that drive I took a drive to a place called “Eight Mile Rock.” It’s an interesting place. Someone built a wall up in the entrance to an alcove in the rock. Not just one but three, one was a concrete wall. Obviously someone lived there and I assume the BLM folks booted them out and locked it up. Honestly, it would be my choice for a home.


I also came across a herd of Pronghorns, which was a nice surprise.

Now, some bad news, I dropped my camera last week and find that the auto focus no longer is consistent in it’s focusing. Theses things are delicate and I’ll have to see if it can be repaired when I get close to Flagstaff or Phoenix.

Geordie and I have been taking walks down the road. I’ve been noticing that some of the sage brush is blooming. On one walk some men stopped in their Jeep and inquired about Geordie’s Rex Specs.

Later, I heard a vehicle drive in and came out to find the men in the Jeep. One asked if I had experience with GPS. He went on to tell me that 13 years ago, a friend had shown him a pictograph in the canyon across the road. He had a bunch of maps and showed them to me. The pictograph was of a horse and there was a trail the Spanish used. He introduced himself and his brother. Marty then asked if I’d like to come try and find it with he and his brother Ernie on Sunday.

They came the next day and we drove across the road down a dirt road and began hiking towards the GPS waypoint. I learned that Marty was 73 and Ernie was 75, and over the last three years they have tried to find the horse.

We hiked and dropped down to a canyon. Marty was adamant the horse was possibly down further and hiked on. Ernie and I sat and waited. I decided to head down to a spillway when the water was running in the canyon. I began to get worried as I went down that I’d be rimmed out, and not be able to find a way up. The spillway was a lot farther down than I expected as well. I started back up and at one point a rock slipped out from my feet and fell and I got into a cactus. I stripped off and pulled the spines out of my thigh. I hiked back to Ernie and waited.

To make a long story short, we failed to find the horse and began back up to the Jeep. It was then that I began to feel the pain in my bum where I fell. After a four hour hike we came back to the Jeep.

They dropped me off and we exchanged e-mails to send pictures.

I have to admit these men are old ‘mountain goats’ and it was a pleasurable hike despite failing in finding the horse.

It took five days to ease the pain in my bum. Sleep wasn’t fun either.

Sage bloom

Sunday night I heard sleet and woke Monday morning to snow! It was a blustery day all day and Monday night got down to 29º. Seems a bit early for snow in the canyon country and I have thoughts of moving on south earlier than planned. I don’t think I will though. It’s been a long time since I’ve camped in the same spot for 14 days.

I’m off south to Little Monument Valley on Monday for a few days, then onward to Flagstaff. I’ve noticed my truck tires are looking a little bald.

Thanks for taking the time to follow my treks and travels,


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      It was all gone by noon. Today is in the mid 60’s and I just looked at Phoenix and their in the mid to upper 90’s. May stay around Flagstaff/Williams in the low 60’s for a couple of weeks.

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