October 20


Sometimes things happen, just like life everywhere. Well, it happened to me on Wednesday.

I stayed at Sand Island Campground ($15) for a night near Bluff, Utah on Tuesday. I decided to head south to Flagstaff rather than go to Little Monument Valley. As you remember, I was there a couple of  springs ago and I didn’t really feel like going back.

One thing that was on my mind, were the tires on the truck. They were getting towards bald, especially in the rear. I chose to drive to Flagstaff for tires rather than Moab. My thinking was Flagstaff would have a bigger selection than Moab.

I pulled onto a forest road off, U.S. 89, that is well known to campers for an overnight stay across from Sunset Crater Ntl. Monument, and north of Flagstaff. All was well until I found my spot and hopped out of the truck to look for a level spot for the trailer. I heard a hissing sound and bent my head to the driver’s rear tire and it got louder. The tire was full. I quickly backed the trailer to a spot and unhooked and set up. I realized that the puncture had to have happened right in the campsite, since the tire was full, I was just 12 miles from Flagstaff. Bummer!

Later I got changed the tire, with some difficulty, and found I didn’t have a good internet signal. I was only able to get online briefly in the evening and found a Big O Tire in Flagstaff.

I was at their door at 7:50 on Thursday morning and got right in and they changed all four tires and gave the front end an alignment.

I went back to camp and decided to “get out of Dodge” and somewhere near Williams. I’ll admit, it was the KOA at Williams. I did need to dump and I needed lots of water.

Today I’ve been hunting for boondock spots for most of the morning. I’m south of Ash Fork, Az and north of Chino Valley. It took quite a bit of hunting and in the end I still don’t like the site. U.S. Highway 89 is not a great spot for cell signals. I only found this spot and I don’t think I’m more than 10 miles from the hamlet of Paulden. I’ll spend the weekend and see how it goes. I do have about three bars on 4G Verizon which is nice but I am near the highway and it might be only marginally better than the KOA.

Speaking of, why do they put KOA’s right next to interstates?

Since I was on the move so much this week I don’t have any photos.

Thanks for coming along on the crazy ride. Now you see, it isn’t all boondocks in lovely spots, there are headaches as well sometimes.


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  1. By SisteronTractor on

    Must have been the stars. I drove 45 minutes during rush hour to Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach to have a recall taken care off. Arrived and discovered that I had left my purse at home. No wallet –> no driver’s license –> no rental car (which would have been free). Happily the dealership kindly drove me back to Carlsbad and then dropped me at a meeting in Del Mar on their way back to Pacific Beach.

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      It’s strange how life throws little curves to remind us there are also speed bumps in life.

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