October 27

Doings of an RVer

What a nice thing it is to stop and spread out for a time. While I thought I’d leave this spot just because of the road noise, at night it’s nearly silent. To stay put after such a long time of moving about is a luxury. I even got the hammock out and set it up. I put it on the shady side of the trailer for the late afternoons.

I’ve been looking at the temperatures further south and they all seemed to be above average for this time of year. I really don’t want to be in the upper 80’s to 90’s without A/C. I also don’t want to have to worry about rattlers with Geordie wanting to hang outside and on hikes. So far, I haven’t seen or heard a one.

Down that way is Jerome, Az

I took a drive down to Prescott to get groceries and also to fill a propane tank. I found in Chino Valley, ‘A Country Trailer’ company. I had a completely empty tank and had it filled with 7.4 gallons of propane all for just $12.95! That is the cheapest price I’ve paid in a very long time. So, if you’re in the area that is the place for propane.

Funny story about the propane tanks. I noticed the fridge lights blinking indicating no gas. I went out to switch over to the full tank and nothing. The regulator dial was red, meaning empty. I knew I had a full tank…I thought. I did get a little panicked. I began to remove the one I thought was full, and found it heavy with propane. I hooked it up again and tightened the connector well, and turned on the tank. The dial went to green. I thought I’d have to make a mad dash down to town and, at that time and unknown propane dealer. I envisioned a full fridge of rotting food in that panic.

Word to the wise: Use one tank at a time and fill the empty one as soon as you can.

I’ve been skipping using the heater in the mornings. As the day wears on, the temp in the trailer rises above the outside temperatures. At night I open windows and pile on the blankets and let the trailer drop to the 50’s and 40’s. I close it up as the day heats up and save that cold until it equalizes. That’s the time I let the trailer heat as it will and go hang in the hammock.

Looking up north to Drake Cement factory

In the evening I open the trailer up again and turn on the fan to expel the heat, and repeat the procedure.

Mornings are the time to hike. Geordie and I hike the tertiary roads and look for other possible camps. I found one road that looked real promising, but I found no remnants of camps. I don’t want to create a camp in the grasslands when there isn’t a need.

Zamp Solar receptacle

More doings of a full timer, I added a Zamp Solar receptacle to the rig. I still have the old panels that I used with the Casita. I drilled and caulked the receptacle just to the side and above the door. With a length of Zamp wire with a Zamp plug, I hook up those panels as mobile solar. With the coming of the Winter Solstice, the sun will be at it’s lowest in the sky. This way I can tilt and move panels for the best solar gain and add to the gain of roof panels, since they are stationary. I tested the mobile panels yesterday and was able to fill the batteries about an hour and a half earlier than with just the roof panels. So, at two in the afternoon the charge controller read “Full.” What a nice sight that was.

Catching some rays
Charge controller monitoring those rays

That’s it this week. See you next Friday for another addition of RVing fun.


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