November 3

Moving South

Morning light

Last week I was up north of Chino Valley and Paulden. On Tuesday I moved over to south of Wikieup, Az and spent the night. I had thought of staying there a few nights but I decided I’d head south.

If you look at the Arizona map, you might ask me why I went over to U.S. 93 and not south on Arizona 89. Depending on the size of your map, you’ll see that south of Prescott, Az 89 has some very tight curves and is a steep downhill grade. Going down with a trailer would have been ‘white knuckled’ to say the least. Also, Arizonans are known as an impatient lot when it comes to driving. I went down it once years ago in my old pick-up, and it wasn’t fun then.

U.S. 93 is a beautiful road with a lot of new sections of roadway. When I first came down that way most of it was single lanes. It is now the road for Phoenix folks to speed up to Las Vegas on weekends. It is also known as the “Joshua Forest Parkway of Arizona.” This is the spot to find the first Saguaros.

Vulture Peak

If you’re a Chicagoan and in need of a traditional Chicago hot dog, just stop in at Wikieup’s Dazzo’s Chicago Style Eatery. The dogs are the real thing, including sport peppers and celery salt!

I drove the rest of the way down to Wickenburg and drove past the Vulture Peak area. I found my old campsite, that I’d found two years ago, very well used, unfortunately. Still, it’s a great spot. I’ve got cell and internet, 25 minutes to Wickenburg’s post office, Safeway, and a laundromat.

It’s nice to see the Saguaros and Palo Verdes again. The rugged mountains at the edge of the flat desert-lands.

Palo Verde
Not so nice “Teddy bear” cactus

It’s warmer than in past years. Here in the beginning of November, I didn’t expect 80º days.

Life has thrown another curve at me. I’ve been dealing with mice, not in the trailer, thankfully, but in the truck. I had one I “got” back in Grand Junction, Co at the RV park. It had gotten into the truck when I was off I-70 near the Co-Ut boarder.

Nice camp

Then the last few day at the camp north of Chino Valley, I had a few. I put traps inside the truck at night and “got” a few. It must have been being stationary and still being in the grasslands. On my last day I found an old tub of peanuts and decided to lure them away from the truck with a trail peanuts to a ditch. I tossed a whole bunch there. In the morning not one trap tripped and no evidence of mice. What a pain in the bum it is to not be able to find the entrance for these little vermin. Then, the way vehicles are these days, all the places to hide/nest!

Thanks for reading about the “fun” there is being a full-time RVer. All in all, its better than being bored!

See you next week with more fun and adventure.


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