November 10

Sometimes Life isn’t that Exciting

Can’t really say much has happened the last week. I went down to Buckeye, Az to the Walmart a picked up a new chair. I had two chairs when I started out and one failed. One thing that always gives away the number of folks camped, is the number of chairs on the “patio.” I have to say the new chair is much better than the old one. It’s taller and wider, not that I needed wider!

I drove up to Wickenburg for groceries and filled the water jugs. That is one of the nice things about Arizona,  there are water stations either alone in a store lot or near a door at a grocery store. No need to sneak into a forest campground to fill a jug. You’ll see a variance in the price even by a block. There was a water station I used in Yuma and it was a buck for five gallons. Just across the street at a liquor store it was 75 cents for five gallons. I switched.

I’ll head back to Wickenburg to do laundry and also pick up some dog food at the Trailer Supply Co. today.

I went up Aguila Road yesterday. There are a few sites to camp in, if you aren’t in need of a cell or internet signal. Actually the North end of the road has a better chance of a signal. The one thing you have to look for is a camp far from the road. Gravel trucks running up a down can make you think you’re at Burning Man, without the fun.

Harquahala Mountains

I first came South on Aguila Road two years ago. It’s a gravel road and the Casita didn’t take a liking to it. I did find the camp I’m in on that adventure.

I had hoped to find a new camp for next year’s Southward trek but nothing looked good.

Next week I’ll head over to Quartzsite, Az. To the North is a business, RV Pitstop, where you can dump tanks, fill water and also get propane. From there, I’ll head south to a boondock spot I’ve camped in before, for a few days.

The Eagle Eye near Aguila, Az

I’m still surprised by the warm weather. 80º yesterday and again today. It’s expected to be that high again a couple of days next week.

Maybe next year I’ll stay in Northern California until January 2019!

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  1. By SisteronTractor on

    Perhaps no exciting events, but gorgeous photos!
    I had a run in with one of my beach chairs last Sunday at the end of the bocce tournament. The chair wouldn’t fold so I looked closely to see what was making it stick. Whatever the cause was, the chair suddenly released and with such force the it hit my cheekbone. I’ve been walking around with a shiner all week! Maybe it’s time to replace that chair?

    1. By RLK (Post author) on

      Ouch! Blame Riley.
      I do recommend the Coleman Sling Chair. Though, if I find it big it may be gigantic for you. Test it out first. You could be a real pain and open them all up and pretend you’re Goldilocks!

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