November 17

Warm to Hot

It’s been two years since I’ve been in the Southwest and it sure is a change. I’ve been in temperatures about 10-15 degrees warmer to hotter than averages. Up near Wickenburg, I had been in the low 80’s. Since my move on Wednesday I’ve been watching the temps in Yuma, and today is due for 88º. What?

Kofa Wildlife Refuge. The spiky mountain

I know, that’s crazy, it’s nearly the third week in November.

On Wednesday I drove to Quartzsite and dumped the tanks and filled with fresh water at RV Pitstop for just $14. I camped  south of town, in a spot I’ve been to before, just outside Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.

Strange “Cloud-bow”

I came down yesterday to Yuma and over to Ogilby Road and the American Girl Mine Road area. I found that California DOT is doing road work on I-10 and Ogilby Road exit is closed westbound. I had to go to Grey’s Well near the Algondonas dunes and backtrack to the eastbound Ogilby Road exit, which is open. Sidewinder Road is open and I should have taken that exit.

I have been needing Geordie to go to a veterinarian for some meds for a month. I’m going back to the same vet he went to a couple of years ago and keep them for next winter. I think once that’s done, I may move north again and see if I can find some cooler temps. I’ll keep an eye on the future weather trends.

I had my hummingbird feeder up the whole time I was near Wickenburg and didn’t see one bird. As I was setting up camp here, I thought I heard a hummingbird and quickly got the feeder out and filled. I hope the little guys come by. I wonder if they are staying north with this warm weather?

Late yesterday I had to stay outside until the sun went down. The trailer heated to near 90º! That was enough, I’m calling the vet today and praying I can get in tomorrow or next week. Then I’ll move back north towards Aguila, which is west of Wickenburg where is should only be in the low eighties.

Clean windows for good views

No sooner had I poured a cup of tea and sat at the computer again, a hummingbird came to the feeder. Hooray!

Not a lot of folks here at Ogilby Road. I bet a few more will arrive next week.

I’ve been looking at the area along the Nevada/ California borders for a place to stay if this hot weather continues. More research is needed though.

Thanks for following my tire tracks to places out of the norm.


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