An Off Week

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It all began when my computer crashed last Tuesday night. Up early to get over to the Yuma Best Buy to have them repair my computer and I’m told no new appointments until Saturday with the Black Friday crowds due the next two days.
Saturday I was in the store on time, told them the problem and the woman said it most likely couldn’t be done that day.
Saturday afternoon I received a call it was fixed. I made an appointment for Sunday morning and got my computer back. Yay!

Back at the Cargo Muchachos

During the downtime, I used my phone. I’m not a fan of the tiny screens on phones. To add to that, I was challenged by a friend on Facebook to do a week of black and white photos. She then said I should do them from my phone. I managed to get those first six done but it was a bit of a pain.
I go against the grain, and use my phone as a phone!
The heat has subsided finally. We’ve dropped to the mid 70’s and some 80’s are due to return but thats better than upper 90’s.
We had the expected Thanksgiving day crowds buzzing about in their ATVs and Jeeps. Fireworks at night, gun practice during the day. A good time was had, except for Geordie. He’s become a bit nervous when it comes to gunshots. As you remember, summer of ’16 we had that camp outside Steamboat Springs, Co with the group of folks shooting all night.

King of the Hill

Now, it’s back to the quiet of desert landscapes. On Monday afternoon we had a strange cloud cover that seemed to drop to the ground. There was a mistiness to the scene. It wasn’t wet, but just a veil was across the land. The photos I took just didn’t come out.
I’ve been thinking this will probably be the last time I come this way in winter. I may only stay a week just to get Geordie to the vet. It’s gotten too popular with the ATV crowd on weekends and holidays. Don’t know where I’ll go next winter, but there are lots of possibilities. If the weather continues to stay warmer later, many spots to the north are fine by me.

Bad for paws

It’s actually been cloudy much of the week. I actually went into a little hibernation. Granted it didn’t last long. I began a book, which began from a movie a high school friend mentioned on Facebook. “Off the Grid” was a Canadian documentary about folks who live in the bush. The film was on Amazon and when looking it up after watching the film found a book. The film was a bit light on the details and wasn’t that great if you’re interested in details. My review to my friend was that the only take-away was to know basic building, plumbing, and electrical.
The book is, so far, a good read, and oddly, the forward is by the presenter of the film. The books title is “Off the Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness.”

Camp and dunes

When my self imposed hibernation ended, I began a cleaning of the trailer. With a dog who loves to roll in the dirt, you can imagine I have dust everywhere. I do my best but the Nash needs a frontal assault in ridding the hidden menace. So, out will come the bedding and mattress to air outside. A bucket and some Murphy’s oil soap will get slopped and swabbed across the decks and walls and any other spots that needs it. One of these days I need to find a car wash that is high enough to get the trailer in and give it a good soak too. Then the wax will come out!

Have a great week and get out and breathe some fresh air.

Thanks, as always,


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