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I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season.

It was nice to see my family again after two years. The younger ones have certainly grown a lot.

I was welcomed back to the desert upon my return the first night. About 10:30, I thought Geordie was moving about, but then it sounded like something was jumping on the outside steps. I got up and opened the kitchen shade and shined my most powerful flashlight out. It was a fox. I opened the window to shine the light on him again and get a good look. I yelled but did little good. I finally opened the door and he moved out a bit then I hit the flashing light and he kept moving. In the morning I came out to find Geordie’s rope cut in half. The little bugger had chewed on the rope and was tugging on it, hence the steps moving. Then it hit me, the fragrant musk of his marking. Thankfully that was the only night he visited, that I know of. No renewed aromas.

Somewhere back there, there lives a fox.

Here we are in a new year. I’ve been thinking back to my 2017 travels. I have to say it was a great year.

I found Texas State Parks to be pretty nice. I also hit Big Bend National Park. It’s a long way down there, but it was fun.

I really enjoyed seeing my cousin and two of her four girls in Louisville, Ky. They took me to Churchill Downs and where they make Louisville Slugger bats.

I finally was able to see my great niece, and where my niece lives in Virginia near Washington DC. My niece is still crazy for football (aka soccer!). I have no doubt that little Caedyn will be on the fast track for the USA Women’s Olympic soccer team. We took a tour of the DC monuments. I also learned more about her husband’s training with the diplomatic security. I’m very impressed.

I finally made it to Walden Pond. It was a long wished for trip, since “Walden” was an important book for me back in high school.

Maine was beautiful and Acadia National Park was a treat, as Geordie could hit the trails with me.

Atlantic Canada was the Northeast destination. After 25 years, Nova Scotia again, didn’t disappoint. Lobsters and scallops, need I say more! There is still one section I missed and I’d be glad to make the trip back. Moving west to Quebec, I saw the town with some important family history. I saw in Ontario the canoe museum and the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was a great trip.

Back in the US, I learned of the very rainy summer in both Michigan and Wisconsin. Another highlight was seeing an old high school friend in Minneapolis, Mn. It had been 20 years since we’d seen each other, but we are close enough, that it only felt like it was last week.

Back in the west again, and I was back in boondocking mode in no time. It was great to be out of RV parks and have space around me. I was also glad I took the time to get another solar panel put on the roof.

So, what’s the plan for 2018? I’m staying in the West, and I’ll be heading up the West Coast this year. I’ve only seen Oregon a few times and Washington state just once. No plans to go farther north but you never know when the mood strikes and the plans take a turn.

Geordie incognito

I’ll be looking over the maps in the next few months and make a game plan for the Northwest. Should be nice if it doesn’t rain!

Thanks for following my journey last year and I hope you’ll continue in 2018.


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