January 12

Gatherings and Rendezvous

It’s that season again, where masses of people gather near Quartzsite, Arizona for the big RV Show and the various other tents, such as rock show tents, gadgets and kitchen wares and more. Along with all these things, are seminars for everything you can imagine, solar, newbies to RVing info, cooking, finding camping spots, jobs, and also seminars for solos.

Many clubs find a spot in the desert to gather up. I know there is a group of Northwood Mfg. owners (the Nash makers along with others) that gather, so I imagine other, like manufacture groups find a spot to get together too.

I was looking at another subset gathering, called the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous or RTR. This is more for the folks that love the freedom of the wild places rather than the RV parks. There are all kinds van dwellers, teardrop trailers, regular RVs and some homemade RVs and utility trailers. I have heard of this gathering  over the years and it sounded like something I might like. Then I found the founder on a video from last year and he was finding the gathering a bit too much for him. He was not happy with many at the gathering playing music too loud. I completely understand that.

There was a brief moment I thought about going up that way, but as I’m more adverse to the large crowds, I think I’ll leave it to those that can handle it all. Though, after watching a few more videos, I may think about it for next year.

Big quartz vein

I am planning on moving camp next week. I’m still finding the temperatures climbing to the 80’s. It was nice on Tuesday to get a bit of rain. It rained so much that some of the small arroyos had running water. The burn areas of So. Cal didn’t fair well.

A splash of color

This winter I’ve noticed I haven’t been walking as much as I used to in passed years. Yesterday, Geordie and I went across the road to the north. I had noticed last week something white near the mountains, so I pulled out the binoculars and glassed the area. I saw a van up there. So, yesterday I decided to find out how he might have gotten up that way. It was a nice hike. I noticed many of the arroyos looked like they had a good deal of water from the rains. When we got to the spot I think the van was in, I still couldn’t find a good road to the camp. I did however find some big veins of quartz rock. No wonder folks have staked a mining claim in the area looking for gold.

Interesting potsherds

On the hike back out I found some potsherds in one of the arroyos. I’ve thought of contacting the BLM to see if they want some archeologists to check it out. I’ll make my way that way on Monday.

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