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I saw recently, on Facebook, a post from Carol Drinkwater. You might remember she was the first ‘Helen’ in “All Creatures Great and Small.” She had just watched “Out of Africa” and mentioned how young Michael Kitchen was back then. Michael Kitchen is a great actor and I like a lot of his work. His last series was “Foyle’s War” and is very good. I recently bought an old Masterpiece Theater show “Reckless” and he was one of the lead characters in that as well.

So, I also watched “Out of Africa” and what struck me was the extensiveness of travelers in those days. While Baroness Blixen moved to Africa, I remember seeing other movies where the Brits on safari were served tea in fine china and full services for meals.

Here we are, and as full-time RVers we don’t go to the trouble of fine china. We don’t have the servants to carry it all. I use ‘fine’plastic’, some just use paper plates to cut down on the water usage in clean-up.

Going back to those days in Africa, those plates, tea pots, and mugs most likely traveled from England by train, steamships, trains again, later, either by wagon, or motorcar, maybe even camel.

I’ve been keeping track of the “Rubber Tramp Rendezvous” (RTR). Looks like they have estimated three to four thousand. So many, that the BLM and Bob Wells, the organizer, ( have found a new spot to hold the RTR for 2019. I guess back in 2017 it was only about four or five hundred. It’s grown just a bit. I’m having second thoughts on going next year, but I have time to consider the idea.

I had planned on leaving last Tuesday but I wasn’t feeling up to par. I would describe it as a ‘soupy head’ along with a slight scratchy throat. I got a good night sleep of over nine hours only to have a sleepless night on Thursday. I hope I’ll be on the road today and to a new place.

Watching the weather, it looks like we’re in for a cold spell, with 30’s overnight and highs in the 60’s. Sound like good sleeping and hiking weather to me.

Since I moved this morning, it looks to be colder up here near Tonopah.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my post have been lacking. I think I’m in a rut. With this current state of malaise in writing, I think I’ll take a week or two off.

Thanks for coming along on my travels,


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