I’m Back

Uncategorized / Friday, February 9th, 2018

It was nice to have a few weeks off. Did you miss me?

Morning in the Belmont Mountains.

To be honest, I’ve had some thoughts of giving up the blog. It takes money to keep it up, and I haven’t made a cent on any of the adverts I have to offset costs. I’ll mull it over more and make a decision in the next month or two.

Fire Agate

As to where I’ve been these last weeks. I moved on from Winterhaven, Ca and moved on 19 January to an area near Tonopah, Az. Saddle Mountain is a nice spot if you happen to be driving on I-10 and need a place to stop for the night west of Phoenix. It’s also a nice area for a couple of weeks. I learned online that the area is a place for rock hounds to find Fire Agates. I found a good handful of them. Then I decided to leave most of them and send a few off to the nieces and nephew, just for the fun of it.

Solavore on my new Cabela’s table.

I had the Solavore oven out and the next day I had a visitor ask about it. Larry wrote down the name on his hand to look it up. He also asked if I could hear their generator. I could only hear just a faint hum, he apologized. He asked how many watts of solar I had. He said they only had 100 watts and from what he’s learned, many folks have about 300 watts. I mentioned the book I have, “Managing 12 volts” by Harold Barre. Later got it out and took it over to their camp. I met his wife. I don’t remember her name (sorry). She mentioned their oven didn’t work too well. They have the same stove/oven combo as I do. She asked what sort of things I cooked in the Solavore and she wrote down the name as well.

Cooking up some blueberry muffins.

When I was at Saddle Mountain, I looked up the Geocaching website. I used to geocache awhile back. I remembered my ‘handle’ but couldn’t remember my password, and for some reason once your in the system no changes can be made until you’re logged in. One night the password came to me. The next morning I got the GPS out and punched in the coordinates for a cache. Off we went to hunt for it. I was right on the cache, but couldn’t find it. I gave it a good shot. Where I am now I found a nice cache in the trees.

I used to have a couple of trackable Geocaching items in the system and looked them up. One I dropped in the mountains of Colorado and it made it to Ireland by way of Austria. It traveled over 8,200 miles! The other I dropped on a trip to Italy. It is in Wales. Both seem to be out of commission. Probably lost in someones house.

When I’d left Winterhaven I didn’t put much water in the tank and I ran out at Saddle Mountain. The only dump station with potable water was back west in Quartzsite. I wasn’t heading that way with the crowds in for the Big Tent Event. Instead, I spent the night in the Saddle Mt RV Park in Tonopah. All the sites are full hook ups so I dumped the tanks and filled the water tank up to nearly full.

You find me back off of Vulture Mine Road, down the road from Wickenburg, Az. near the Belmont Mountains. While this isn’t the most picturesque place to camp, its handy to get to town. Just in town, on the left is the post office and laundromat, and on the right is the Safeway. Down Wickenburg Way is Tractor Supply Co. if I need food for Geordie.

Geordie in his ‘nest’ tired after a hike.

I still can’t believe the temperatures these days. From weather.com most everything seems to be 10-15 degrees above average. That’s a lot! I’ve been thinking of moving north sooner than planned. I wondered what the weather was like up north and checked Sacramento, Ca. Its in the low 70’s. Should I just go camp in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains?

Thanks for taking this journey with me.


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