March 7

Past week and the RV culture

This week I ran into a roadblock selling furniture to the few resell businesses in town. Two were full and the other wanted half of what I expected. So, rather than the pain of putting a classified ad, fielding calls, and making appointments to see the furniture, I’ll donate to Habitat for Humanity and get the tax write off.


Blair Valley
Blair Valley


I’ve also been scrubbing walls for painting and still debating color choices. I can do the master by myself but will get a crew to do the rest of the house plus the exterior. It’s just too difficult to rent and set up scaffolding by myself. I’ll let the pros do it, and a lot faster.

The culture of RVers is interesting, and especially the subset of RV full timers. I read a book, copy written in 1978, and he estimated 1 million RVers are fulltime. Then about a year ago I listened to a full time RV couple that are Podcasters and they estimated 1.6 million.

I think it’s hard to track a number to fulltimers. I’m sure there are many more that fly under the radar.

I’ve read blogs of singles, couples both young and old, and families with kids being “home” schooled on the road. Some work on the road, others work part time at places like Amazon, and some volunteer as campground hosts and receive a campsite for free thru the season. There are many ways to live on the road.

I’m guessing the way the numbers are calculated are with RV clubs and maybe the census with “alternative housing.” But in the end it make no difference to me, I’m full timing!


Chadron State Park Would you believe this is Nebraska?
Chadron State Park
Would you believe this is Nebraska?


The books and articles say you should do extended trips to see if you like it. I’ve done 2-3 months at a time and have managed well enough plus I’ve also had past experiences camping across the country. I think I can easily do full time.

One thing I found in those months on the road is the uneasiness I’ve felt with a place I’m unfamiliar. First off I have to make sure I have a map like the Delorme Gazettes or Benchmarks to find campgrounds. I spent too much on RV parks and drove around the corner only to find a Forest Service campground. Also getting my solar system up and running kept the costs down as well.

Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park
Allegany State Park

Of course this is all about the east since there are fewer places to boondock (camping outside of campgrounds on Forest Service land or BLM land) in the eastern US.  That doesn’t mean I won’t go back east. I need to explore the east a whole lot more.

The west is of course a boondocking  playground. Canadian border to the Mexican border, there are places to camp for the regulated time of 14 day stays. That could be a few years right there of exploring.

Well, that was the week that was. Isn’t that Walter Cronkite?

Next week I’ll tell a story of how a few books, a knife, and a DVD can become a circle.


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